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FoolWhy yes, thank you … I make a fool of myself on a regular basis.

It’s kind of like what I do.

While writing of my romantic escapades recently, I could not help but notice that I had typed “That I was not a fool.” and “hate to be a fool” and “I feel like I was a fool.”

A recurring theme as it were.

Readers here yesterday will recall me not knowing about the viral craze … that Fox Thing … and not understanding “Ding ding ding” or What The Fox Said.

And my very good friend encouraging me with the gentle admonition:

Just ask questions before you make a fool of yourself again.

Too late.

It happened again today. With an image. On the web.

This one.


Took me a while … which is funny considering the room I had at the lake this summer.

I was trying to read the little letters on the bottoms … and wondering if they were little fans or flashlights.

Then the light went on … mentally.

See? I make a fool of myself on a pretty regular basis here.

RW-FoolI looked up Fool online … as in the Tarot Card Fool.

Looking for meaning … other than the obvious. And here is what it said:

  • Are you feeling like you want to get away for good?
  • Do you have no ties that bind or can you take everyone you love with you if you decided to get up and go?
  • Have you tasted a little freedom and want more?
  • Are you oblivious to what is going on around you?

Yes, yes, yes, and oh mercy yes.

So what did it recommend?

The Fool card is the “wild card” of the Tarot deck, but if it shows up in your reading, the chance to find out what your free will can create is being offered to you.

Because my free will has worked so very well for me so far.

I guess it must be more of the sentiment expressed here by Anne Rice ….

1382336_588375977896031_1371801461_nThat’s it. I’m just practicing.

Because I am going to write something. Next month. NaNoWriMo.

Well, that explains everything.