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Fox (Photo credit: Natasha Lloyd)

Not that I ever knew about this before today.

Okay. I am officially old and outdated and out of touch. This is what becomes of being an INFP loner of sorts without constant TV or children or … whatever.

It started this morning with a Facebook post … from Daughter #2 to Daughter #3.

“Please ask (your son) …What does the fox say???”


I figured that they had seen each other recently. And that my little grandson was at the “What does the Cow say” stage of learning.

But Fox?

Oh well. Figured it was a private joke.

Ten minutes later a friend posted a comment about Samson in the Bible.

“Samson caught 300 foxes … bet he knows what they say.”

Second time in virtually minutes that two people, unknown to each other said something about what a fox says.

Maybe something having to do with religion? Two of the three of them can be pretty religious.

So I figured I was missing something. Totally clueless. So I asked and got some non-answers.

Me: Okay, I’ll bite … Is there something “going around” about foxes … and what they say? Clueless here in (town where I live)

Person #1: Well seeing that Samson was on the earth approximately 1100bc I don’t think where you are has anything to do with it lol.

Person #2: Ding ding ding ding ding ding

Ding ding … what the … were they … grrr … with friends like these, I figured, who needs enemies?

Wrote in my private blog:

“Still don’t have a clue about “foxes speaking” per two daughters and friend. I must be missing something in the news.”

Wrote to a friend in a Facebook chat outlining it all and then saying:

“I STILL don’t know what foxes … and their supposed speaking abilities … have to do with anything this morning …”

Then I went to the Almighty Google.

And learned about the viral video about “What does the fox say?”

So let’s see if I have this right … everyone in the world has heard of this …

Except me?

*Momentary memories of Who Let The Dogs Out and how long it took me to hear about that.*

I did far better with Psy and Gagnam Style because my friend in Shanghai posted about it far in advance of it hitting the US. He clued me in.

 No friends in Norway, I guess.

Moments later my friend of the Facebook chat, who is younger and more well connected and has two young sons, wrote this:

Google the video. Go on YouTube and wrote “what the fox says” and you’ll get it. Then watch lots of tv.

Not to add insult to injury or anything, but when I posted a self-deprecating blurb about the whole thing … me being an INFP who has isolated a lot … she added the following:

ENTJ here. Just ask questions before you make a fool of yourself again.

Make a foo… Did I ever mention my EX-husband was an ESTJ? Close.

Silly her.

I will continue to make a fool of myself on a regular basis here and elsewhere. Life is no fun if you always play it safe and inside the box.

My INFP showing, I guess.

And the funny thing is there IS a fox that lives right across the street and runs on my property on a regular basis …

I KNOW what the fox says.

And no, I’m not telling.

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