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… and why I now have this picture on my Facebook Profile today.1379955_251401751676833_2113945160_nFor those of you who don’t know, there is a riddle going around the Facebook universe here recently.

It involves a riddle … and not an easy one.Well, maybe easy.

The idea goes something like this: Once you see / receive the riddle, you are to respond with the answer. To the person who asked it.

And you are to send the answer to that person in a message or email … anything but putting the answer out on the Facebook post where everyone can see it.

I will say, it was an interesting riddle.

The deal is, if you answer the riddle incorrectly, then you have to change your Facebook Profile picture to a Giraffe … for three days … or one day … it depends on who is doing the asking it seems.

So … being a good little Facebook fan … I was asked by Person #1 to answer the riddle.

Okay … I must explain here.

I did the riddle. I answered the riddle.

And got it right (according to Person #1 who asked).

[ insert wild applause for The Author here for her obviously intelligent abilities]

I then proceeded to brag / gloat / high-five / etc everywhere i could find.

A short time later, Person #2 asks Holly the same riddle.

Holly confidently gives SAME ANSWER.

Holly is told by person #2 that the answer is WRONG. And gives a completely different correct answer.

What the …. ??

So now, I wonder, do I put a giraffe picture out there for 3 days? 1 day? or C – none of the above?

My friend Kristi … one of the folks I gloated to … suggests half a giraffe.

I suppose half a giraffe is better than … well …

This is the half I picked.1379955_251401751676833_2113945160_n

And the helpful comments began.

Friend Kristi: I think you picked the wrong half of the giraffe!

Hello … Ms. Out-Of-The-Box thinker here.

Younger Brother: Yes, your butt looks big in those pants…

Oh, ha ha ha. Well, I have been meaning to go on a diet.

Texas Linda: That pattern does not do you any favours.

Ok. So does everybody have it out of their system now?

Gosh, I hope not. Every time someone “likes” it or posts it makes me laugh.

And I do like to laugh.

PS – If you want to do the riddle thing yourself, just go to my Facebook Page, as ask. I’ll send it to you.