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643911_533547616672564_436529587_nEarly this morning I swear I saw somewhere that today was the “Official Find Some Writing Buddies Day” … but of course they had a far more superior name for it all.

And could I find that post or email or headline or whatever?

No, I could not.

But in the looking around I did see where somebody called today NaNoWriMonday. So does that mean every Monday is a NaNoWriMonday? Or just today?

All I know is that there are under 100 hours till the Big Project actually starts.

And I am sitting here … with a Great Idea … all the Research … a Semi-done Plot flow … Character Sketches …

… and the most overwhelming feeling that it isn’t going to come together on Friday.

I am fighting the urge to throw it all out the window … enter into a deep meditative state … and come up with a whole other idea.

I was lying about the deep meditative state.

The closest I come to that is when I am reading a book … and am so tired I put the book down. That 5 seconds before I fall asleep. Yea, that’s as close as I get.

No, I am not sure whether to scale it all back and just do it off the top of my head … or double down and keep on keeping on.

Then I gave it one more try. And found it …

Welcome to Week Zero! NaNoWriMo is this Friday, and anticipation at HQ is at an all-time high. This week comes with 2013’s inaugural pep talks from Rainbow Rowell and James Patterson, author Teri Brown as your NaNo Coach, and a Map to the Month headed your way.

NaNoWriMo is even more fun with a friend, and today is officially NaNo Recruitment Day! Your loved ones have stories to tell: encourage them to write with you this November in—holy catfish!—five days.

But I do know that it would be great to have some more Writing Buddies for the whole process.

I can still reach out here and ask.

If there are any folks out here who might want to try NaNoWriMo … and would like to be my Writing Buddy … just click here to sign up.

Then click here to be my writing buddy.

I promise I’ll accept.