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A quick cartoon or two here. And a Happy Halloween to everyone.

1385700_557240081012336_1704170082_nYou can take this and adjust to the party/group of your choice I suppose. This is the one a friend sent me though. And of course we all can laugh at this one.

bildeThe police cruiser just “whooped” a few times signalling the end of Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. No little goblins here again this year.

This is probably because my house more closely resembles something out of the Addams family than anything else. Even with its new roof. And the new shed. And the start of the landscaping.

I must admit, the blog entry today is less than wonderful, so I apologize to you, my faithful readers.

My mind is more on tomorrow. The start of NaNoWriMo. The start of my month-long diet.

I did however wear my yearly t-shirt with Count Dracula on it. It makes me laugh every time.



Only a few hours till midnight … and the start of the November madness.

Till tomorrow …