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Or as a friend always says “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

The iconic image of the Hand of God giving lif...

The iconic image of the Hand of God giving life to Adam, used since the series’ inception. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let the excuses begin.

First it was “My I slept later than I expected, might as well call my friend Linda to see if she still wants to have a salad for lunch”

Then later it was “Too early to write now, let me check emails and whatnot first”

Follow this with a hearty, yet unexpected … no really … nap on a Sunday afternoon.

If I recall correctly, the nap happened approximately five minutes after I laid down … to brainstorm a better plot outline for my novel.

Note to self: Do not do plot outlines laying down on a cool, lazy Sunday afternoon.

It would almost have to be a better outline than I have now, which more closely resembles “MC goes to lake, heartbroken. MC lives happily ever after.”

But I am definitely not getting words on paper … or screen … today.

Instead I am waffling, procrastinating, avoiding and all around beating myself up mentally.

“See? You can’t do it. You can’t even put two sentences together today. Who told you that you could write? A novel? Really? In a month? Delusional, that’s what you are. Delusional.”

Hey, James Patterson said sanity is over-rated.

The inner-critic doesn’t want to hear it.

The inner-critic thinks I can’t do it.

The inner-critic reminds me that other than dry boring technical type Instructional Design and Technical Writing and Proposal Writing, I have not gotten paid real money for writing.

English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette....

English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette. Cut-away view of a genuine Key Lime pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The inner-critic has no sense of humor whatsoever.

The inner-critic also thinks the five pounds I have lost in two days on my simultaneous one-month diet is a fluke.

I’m pretty sure the inner-critic wants a piece of Key Lime Pie.

So I do have some grapes, left over from the last trip to the Amish farm market.

Maybe the inner-critic will be good with those instead.

But so as not to have the day be a total waste, I did do some reading on how to write, which I am going to share with you here. I recommend you read the whole article. Really.

1. Cardboard cut-out characters
2. Overcrowding – Too many characters
3. Over-writing – Too many words
4. Tormented heroes – Too many thoughts, not enough actions
5. Lack of Setting – Where am I?