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Careful observers of the cute little widget over there on the left on this page may have noticed that the “Words She Has Written” bar hasn’t changed much recently. (Read: Not at all)

So what does a writer do when the ideas stop flowing?

I tried that writers group the other night … in which I discovered that grown people can argue over the validity of starting a sentence with the words “And” or “But” or “So” in all seriousness.

I have tried taking a short nap / plot development session … which resulted in a splendid dream … but not for prime time writing. Hm. Unless I change genres.

I have distracted myself by going to a movie … which I thoroughly enjoyed … both the movie and the popcorn with yummy artificial foaming agent.

But I have not gotten off dead center writing here.

Could this be the first year / event that I do not complete? The horror, the horror. Especially since I just promised an old friend and his wife that I would include them in the book after what happened this past summer.

Maybe a good shift on the radio tonight will do the trick.

Any ideas out there?