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… no not that.

Okay, how about “How could you do such a thing to me?”

Yes. That is better.

So I continued to flesh out the new story today. The one I feel more like writing. Loosely based on the story of three women of a certain age, all of whom find themselves single again.

Of course first there is a chapter to introduce each of the three friends … and how they found themselves to be single.

One, the wife of a chronic cheater who had just had enough.

One, who decided that years of a passionless marriage was not what she envisioned for the rest of her life.

One, who was starting a life with the man she had fallen deeply in love with, and who then was abandoned by him.

Obviously a comedy.

For those of you keeping track over there on my NaNoWriMo Meter, you will see that in addition to fleshing out a lot of the scenes and chapters I have also started to put some words to it all.

Just shy of 5,000 words.

Not a lot of words, compared to some others, but words nonetheless.

Taking into account the fact that I was stuck on empty for several days before deciding to switch gear, the Word Count people at HQ estimate that I will be done with it all by somewhere around February 12, 2014.

But as a friend reminded me, I am doing this for myself not for anyone else.