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I have pictures.

This morning I woke to a fresh day full of promise and lots of time in which to make a significant dent in my lagging Word Count. The best laid plans and all that …

Looking out the window on the way to make coffee, I was met with a vision of white. The first laying snow flakes of the season.

Then I went out to my “large” Facebook account, which includes everyone in the world (as opposed to my “small” Facebook account, which only includes a few close friends).

There I saw the encouragement that only a Fortune Cookie can impart.

1469998_650328521656412_2145922836_nAnd Lord knows, we can all use peace and quite from time to time. One commenter said in response to him that she had once had a Fortune of “Handsome Is As Handsome Dose”.

For some reason it reminded me of the license plate I saw the other day:

DSCN0417Dud indeed.

Out on the NaNoWriMo Facebook page, a thread was begun in which the person said we were all far too nice … way too supportive of each other. There needed to be some controversy … chaos … tension. There was a call for “some meaningless division and strife.”

third_wayThus ensued a “vicious” back and forth … of Oxford Commas, improper grammar, spacing, exclamation points and whatnot.

Of course I felt obliged to make my own contribution …

This argument …. (unneeded improper ellipses) a tale Told by an idiot, (comma) full of sound and fury, (Oxford Comma) Signifying nothing. (two spaces) I just don’t care !!! (to many exclamation points … improperly used grammar within comment)

Truth be told that was not actually the typical use of an Oxford Comma, but I digress.

To top it all off, a few minutes ago, I was awakened from my “peace and quite” noon time power nap by a package … delivered from my Friendly Local Electricity Company. It consisted of the following:


  • Various pamphlets on how to save energy (this was expected, none of the rest was)
  • 3 – GE 110 W CFL light bulbs
  • 2 – GE 75 W CFL light bulbs
  • 4 – GE 60 W CFL light bulbs
  • 2 – LED nightlights
  • 1 – 7 slot Surge Protector
  • 1 – Furnace Whistle (to tell me when to change the filter)

Yes, my Electric Company has sent me well in excess of $100 worth of products to help me save money this year.  Because I was put on a budget plan. Granted, they got this stuff for far less than I would have to pay for it at the local Lowe’s, but still …

So it’s official. Hell (or a town in very close proximity) has indeed frozen over.

I’m thinking this bodes well for my chances of finishing NaNoWriMo this year.