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When the month started, I wondered how I might be able to write both this blog and a story for NaNoWriMo. As it turned out I needn’t have wondered.

I was able to write in this blog every day … plus write a totally nonsensical story … or at least large parts of it … participate in some sprints … comment on some Facebook pages … appear occasionally in a chat room … and maintain a life of sorts.

Yes, I changed my Facebook page today … showing the screenshot above as my  cover and the NaNo Winner icon as my profile picture. A bit sheepishly because …

No, it is not the next War and Peace.

No, it is not remotely to the point that someone can read … or to be sent to any publisher. However …

Yes, I had fun doing it.

And in the final analysis, isn’t that all a person can ask out of anything in life?