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Christmas in the post-War United States

Did the sarcasm font show up successfully up there in the title?

It is enough to make a grown woman cry, you know.

First of all, there were the myriad Christmas displays, tree lots, and holiday suggestions in emails … in October.

Then we had the oh so civilized Thanksgiving / Black Friday crowds clubbing, stomping and shooting each other to get their intended gifts for the upcoming holiday.

http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/  says that the count is now up to 7 deaths and 90 injuries in the recent past.

But have no fear, the violence fell within expected limits. Well, that’s comforting.

A spokesman for Walmart, Inc said today that the company was “cautiously optimistic” that Black Friday violence was in line with the retail giant’s internal projections.

Plus I understand that the sales for Sarah Palin’s treatise / outrage / book on the fake War On Christmas have totally tanked.  Where is my surprised face.

So in honor of the upcoming season, I changed my “look”.

I’ve changed the pictures on my Facebook page, on my Happy Holly Project Facebook page, and on my Happy Holly Project WordPress page. My Christmas decorating is done and ….. cue the rifle gunshots in the distance here.

The holiday season is upon us. Let the festivities begin.