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Slide02There is a somewhat well-known Hemingway quote around for those of us who would be writers.

And sometimes it does seem like that is the way to write.

But today I saw yet another quote attributed to Hemingway.

And for some reason it struck me quite poignantly.

bestI agree with Hemingway … often wounded … sometimes destroyed … however … I think the thought can be taken quite a bit further.

The very best people can also show you calm in the midst of your chaos, support you in the midst of your despair, and love you in the midst of your pain.

They will stand with you no matter what, help you no matter when, and defend you no matter to whom.

They will listen patiently as you explain, guide you tenderly as you struggle, and hold you gently as you weep.

They will cheer you with their wit, encourage you with their humor, and sustain you with their loyalty.

And sometimes, I hear they even wear rose-colored glasses.