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I wish to file a formal protest.

Reading this article the other day on the fifteen sexiest men over fifty, I was struck by one thing. Most of them did not “do it” for me.


Other than Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp always does it.

*le sigh*

And George Clooney is gorgeous, but for some reason I don’t think of him like that for anything but his mind. I know. Surprises me too.

Of course the list maker has all the rights in the world to include or not include anyone they care to.

Free Country. All that.

At any rate, I’d like to suggest another four men to be included in this list. For obvious reasons.

Patrick Stewart

Sexy. Stands up for women’s rights without reservation. And Bald.

I know, that works for me with him.

Guilty as charged.

Sean Connery

Ah. Sean Connery.

What can I say?

Maybe it’s his voice. His accent.

Maybe it’s all the wonderful hair on his chest. Yeah. I know. Another weakness.

Sam tumblr_lzeg2zTQFM1qzhjrko1_500_zps2435b877Elliot

I believe we have discussed this before.

Specifically on this day.

For a variety of reasons … the voice, the manner, the eyes, the mustache, the rest of it … Sam Elliott is one of the men I would most like to find under the Christmas Tree this year.

Note to self: Put up tree, just in case.

And last but certainly not least …

Dermot Mulroney

Just the man who did one of the most sensual seductive scenes in all of moviedom.

The Wedding Date.

The Car Scene.

Also called Mr. Tie Me Up Tie Me Down by her best friend.

Just sayin’