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tumblr_lzeg2zTQFM1qzhjrko1_500_zps2435b877Someone actually posted this question in response to a friends initial post.

It started with this:

Ryan says…”Who’s Sam Elliot?”

Thus began the most spontaneous instantaneous outpouring of universal lust from women of all ages, sizes, political beliefs, general personalities, and on and on, that I have seen.

There were more than thirty spontaneous responses from different women, in less than thirty minutes.

Here are a few … from the ladies. All fans.

Well, except one clueless young woman.

She will learn.

Omg, sexiest man alive, besides my husband, of course?
Only the best looking man with the best voice … ever.
The BEST voice . . . And that beard . . . Mmmmm. Oh, sorry, didn’t know you were still listening.
Thanks. I couldn’t find the appropriate words.
Love that man.
Those eyes, the way he cocks one eyebrow?
When I was younger I would’ve run away from home for him.
Oh that eyebrow!
I gotta buy Roadhouse now!
i still think he’s the sexiest man alive…..
What? Have we been living under a rock?
If you don’t adore Sam Elliot, then, yes, you have been living under a very big, heavy, oppressive, suffocating rock.
I love Sam Elliot! Pretty bad when my mom loves him too. Him and Pacino!
Stop! I can’t take anymore! All my dreamboats! Can we say Robert DiNero?
I think I am older than your mom . . . So?
who is he?
My mom is 72.
Just think it’s funny we are both like oh yeah!!! Lol.
We do have quite a thread going here. Lol.
61 here, and Veronica, google, poor deprived child
I think I will google Sam Elliot!
Then watch his movies–you have to see him in motion.
Oh I have watched the movies! Love him.
I think my advice is for poor Ashlee who asked “who is he?”
His voice runs throughout my adult female consciousness.
Mom used to say he could park his shoes under her bed anytime lol
I couldn’t say it better!
Hot Hot Hot
I was going to post something about really liking to see him in motion but I refrained. Lol.
We are getting carried away, but his fan club would do well to access this spontaneous outpouring of . . . . Whatever.
It’s a little refreshing to comment on a fun thread rather than politics or other for a change.
Happy happy happy.
Sexy man–universal happy
Takes your breath away & I’m 62. Lee, you are 60!
Well, close enough!
Okay then, I’m 59! Love him.
I’m 61 … Can you spell Roadhouse? OR better yet TOMBSTONE. Or for those of you who are under the rock, various truck commercials.
Awesome in all! Tombstone? ‘Nough said!

Okay … so now, thanks to my friend and her post-a-thon out here, all I can think of is a handsome man with a sexy mustache, deep voice and furry chest … Lord have mercy on my wicked soul.

Thanks, just LOADS.

On an up note, I think I have found the role model for the male hero in my book for next months NaNoWriMo project.