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MLK Jr Memorial with Washington Monument

MLK Jr Memorial with Washington Monument (Photo credit: alvesfamily)

It started with me planning my day … I was really going to get a lot accomplished. Good intentions.

A list of things to accomplish. Figuring I’d feel great at the end of the day because of all I was going to do.

First, I was going to go to my counseling appointment.

Everyone can use an impartial ear from time to time, right? It was right there on my appointment card.

1/20/2014 9:15AM

So after a perfunctory run through emails, and Facebook and whatnot, I drove to the office for my appointment. On time for once.

Sign on the outside of the building and on all the doors:

We are closed today in observation of MLK Day.

Alrighty then.

I’ll just go visit my friend Linda as she goes to the bank to pay off her vehicle loan. That ought to be fun. She has paid on that thing for years.

The Credit Union is closed.

Okay, I’ll just run to the bank and clear up that charge that I didn’t understand when I looked online this morning …

Oh, the banks are closed too.

So much for checking the schools to see what they might need that I can provide. They are closed as well.


Maybe I’ll just take the free day and get my tax information together. My yearly statement came Saturday. I can just call and ask about …

Or not. All government offices are closed.

I wonder what is the latest on the Federal Extended Unemployment legislation or lack thereof.

Nothing. Day off.

I even ran out to the mailbox to see if that CD I ordered had arrived.

No mail today.

Close as I can tell, I’ll have this all sorted out and remembered.

By tomorrow. Maybe.

Well, at least I was going to be all productive today … good intentions and all that stuff.

Maybe tomorrow.

It’s not a holiday tomorrow, is it?

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