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No matter where you go, there you are … and that is a very good thing.

I remember the first time I heard my father say that. Well, the first part of that. And I thought it was his most profound original wisdom. Now I realize that either he had also heard it somewhere else, or that there are no original thoughts.

But I remember thinking of the wisdom of it … the basic truth held within those words.

For whatever reason this morning I tacked the rest to it. That it is a very good thing.

Change. And the fact that there has been so much and continues to be so much of it in my life.

Change in my longtime partner leaving. Change in the way the house looks and is. Change in the fact that I was willing to drop everything in my life and follow someone wherever that led me.

Change in how my heart was broken as it had never been broken before. Change in spending time with totally different people.

Change in being willing to let go of the safety net of my life. Change in being interested in opening myself up to moving anywhere … well, most anywhere.

Change that is, despite fear, a good thing? No.

More like just a thing. At the very least an inevitable thing. But just a thing that happens. That will continue to happen. That leaves in its wake nothing more than a different set of circumstances.

That’s the one light bulb today. And there is one more.

The one constant throughout all of that change is me. That I am with myself. I know that sounds quite odd. Quant. Trite. But it is like having an old friend. A constant.

That one true thing. That goes with me no matter what happens.

Despite what others do or do not do. Despite what others say or think or don’t say or think. Despite what happens or doesn’t happen.

I am that one true thing.

That one friend who has been there with me from the start. Who will continue to be with me. Through all of my life’s happenings. No matter what.


… and that is a very good thing.

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