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Today marks one year since the sudden death of my co-worker, business partner, “best bud” and friend.


My mind flashes back to last year … when I did not discover his death until one hour before his viewing. And the strong emotions that flooded me then, and again today as I reread my blog post from last year from after his funeral.



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There are some people who enter your life and change it in very fundamental ways.

He was one of those people.

I am playing some music in the background quietly that has encouraged melancholy memories.  The Prayer Cycle.

Ironic for many reasons.

Last year his son said this of his father … which expresses my sentiments exactly.

“His unselfish attitude, jovial spirit, and relentless pursuit to live life to the fullest are a few of the reasons he was so popular in all circles. With a heavy heart I am thankful for the years … I (was) able to spend with him. Throughout my life he has taught me civility, honesty, the importance of passion and to always enjoy the journey.”


I was blessed to have known him as long as I did and as well as I did … and am grateful for every day we shared and every lesson learned.

I miss my friend.

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