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… sort of.

Inspired by my success the other day at setting up a personal Twitter Account, I decided to stretch my wings today … more or less.

I created a Twitter Account for this beloved blog.

holly at lake 007Not that it has a whole lot out there now.

Actually it has a picture for the background that I took this summer up at the lake.

It’s not the best picture of the lake, it’s just the one that I found the easiest on the laptop here that I always took to the lake.

Then there was supposed to be a profile picture of me.

holly at lake 010You know, I was always picture shy when I was younger.


I would avoid pictures. If only I had realized how much better I looked then … or at least how much younger I looked then.

So once more I went out to the trusty laptop here and found a picture of myself taken on the porch from which many of my weekend posts were made.

And yes, if you look really carefully, you can see the man I cajoled into taking the shot, reflected in the window above my head.

It is especially ironic doing this today with these pictures as it is about three degrees outside. But I digress.

I had to come up with a name. Seems brevity is a big thing with these Twitter folks. So Happy Holly Project was out of the question. As was Happy Holly. As were several other variations on that theme that I tried to fit into the allowed spaces.

So I ended up with @h_holly_project as my name.

Oh. Joy.

Not Happy.  Just h_.  Oh, that ought to bring them in, eh? In droves.

Although Happy Holly Project is displayed at the top.

For the Bio … and after my efforts to be creative the other day … I decided to use the suggestion of my Cousin David (I told you I’d put it out there somewhere) along with a few ideas of my own.

See if you can guess which parts are his.

blogger, ardent coffee-drinker, and occasional belly button lint picker.

Hey, cut me a break. I’m not in a really creative mood today.

Maybe tomorrow.

So if any of you have Twitter Accounts that you would like me to Follow … by all means Follow me or let me know here in the comments.

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