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1234954_596526433717303_648904404_n 1488283_744647915565370_2062287518_n 1012674_571758216248582_1481898558_n 1604799_10152122631074854_1379140426_n 156187_490636391045329_222589038_n 15091_491112950997673_1280491410_n 45660_491627554279546_870411036_n 1013260_589250497836639_1191722603_n 1555394_857603214269133_1822706492_n 1010985_494764520632516_691277924_n 1524812_621334984569781_90344431_n … and am I the only one who really enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning?

As I’ve woken each morning I have a bit of a pattern here. I turn on the computer right after I have turned on the light. Check Facebook, emails and a few favorite sites.

Then I go downstairs and make a cup of coffee. (And yes, I have been known to do tea … but for whatever reason, coffee has been winning out for a good while here.)

Occasionally the coffee comes first.

And then in the normal course of events I seem to come across pictures having to do with said coffee. So for my offering to you all today, I thought I would share several of them here … for you to enjoy and / or share with others.


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