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Pilates Of Dunwoody-363Pilates?

What the hell is Pilates? I took a sample yoga class a few weeks ago. Does that count?

It wasn’t pretty.

And in the continual story of Holly Gets Ready For California … it is to celebrate my sister-in-laws significant birthday and go to a Michelin star type restaurant …

For the uninformed (read: I don’t remember if I have blogged about this here yet) there is to be a long weekend upcoming in sunny California … and it promises to be great fun. Assuming it doesn’t kill me first.

First there was “Friday is hot tub night. Bring your swimsuit” and as I said then …

“Great. Because what pasty white woman in winter trying to lose another 30 or 40 pounds doesn’t want to be seen in a swimsuit? ” And for the record, it’s not quite that much … and I have lost some of it.

So now, in a follow-up email just now I got this.

“Oh, don’t bother to pack a robe for the hot tub. We have lots. Do remember your bathing suit.” Thanks for reminding me.

Then this …

“(we) will be trying to round up (everyone) to take you to Pilates class with us at 9AM on Saturday.  So bring some comfortable or stretchy clothes to wear.”

Oh. Goodie.

I am so screwed.

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