I just came across these beautiful words and decided to reblog them as my blog post for today. Must be in a reflective mood or something.


Old Love Follows The Lover

By Fiza Pathan

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I’ve fallen in love with the prince of verse, and we pen our words together on the parchment of our young lives.

But even in the dark nights of the poet’s fantasy, when I’m in his arms-I still see your face, the face of old love.

Old love will not leave me be, to ink my cauldron of magical words with happiness and gaiety.

Old love is ruining my loving stanzas to my present lover, just like the sun is marred with black dots of old flame.

Still I carry on my search for perfect happiness in my poems, like a wild stag in search of the crystal water clear to quench his thirst.

Love is alive and waiting for recognition, which I do not wish to give it.

Let it decompose into dust, so that I can feel its coarseness with…

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