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5.0.2Let’s see …

Go to Pilates Class and realize I can’t do Pilates – check
Eat breakfast at Upscale Bistro – check
Enjoy company of brother, sister-in-law, et al – check
Go to Insanely Expensive Jewelry Store – check
Stay at Fairmont Hotel – check

Perform splendidly executed slip/fall on metal plate on sidewalk while walking down (Powell Street?) from Fairmont to Armani, twisting ankle, spraining knee and bruising various anatomy parts – check
Subsequently walk using hotel supplied umbrella as cane when needed – check
Witness hair doing a Shirley Temple / Annie impression by virtue of the drizzle/rain here – check

Go to Armani Shopping Spree (observing only) – check
Dress in really nice stuff and taking advantage of naturally curly hair – check
Eat at Michelin Star Restaurant (Fleur de Lys) – check
Have Kobe Beef at said Restaurant – check

Yep. I’d say my day here is complete.

Time for bed.
Oh, and icing my ankle … time for that too.