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4:30PM PST

Holly arrives in not so sunny California.

Meets brother.

Hugs and happiness all around.

Proceeds to baggage check-in to get one solitary bag containing all the things which will be needed for the trip.

5:00PM PST

Post by said brother:

Another United triumph — this bag seen unclaimed at SFO while my sister’s bag seems to be lost somewhere in the vicinity of Johnstown, PA…

1620456_10203059253151898_1763805067_nYes. It’s true. But on the up side I got a pic of the Sochi bag which should be in Russia I am guessing.

My stuff is most likely still sitting in some airport along the way (site of last … and only … scan).

I’ve been SMISEKED!!!


6:41PM PST

Pack everything in one suitcase … she said. Check the suitcase through … she said. I have only had the airlines lose my luggage once in my whole life … she said.

But on an up note, I just got a quick trip to Nordstrom courtesy of my baby bro. So now I have a new bathing suit and clothes for Pilates tomorrow and stuff.

Lucky me. Seriously.

My friend Linda calls it a “backhanded blessing”.

6:44AM PST

So, in the latest episode of ‘I’ve been Smiseked” … I just did a search and it seems that they have indeed found my lost suitcase. Well, technically it is Linda’s suitcase … but still …

Last night at 11PM and “delivery assignment is in process”.

They have a gate at the end of a long bricked driveway here … you don’t suppose they delivered it and left it out in the … nah.

Not even they would do that. Right?

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