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Some things never change.

And no this is not a sad post.

I was just reading around on the internet, when I came across a posting by a friend of mine. I’ve written about him here in the past.  And although he is now a social activist of some note, he started by doing stand up comedy. So his sense of humor is great.

Note: This young man will be on The Daily Show some day. And I will be there to see him. Assuming I’m still alive.

Today he posted something that had me totally laughing. Had to share … with a few more spaces for easier reading and whatnot.

So a sentence from my horoscope for tomorrow reads “You may now experience a painful setback, being reminded of a time in childhood or puberty in which you felt ashamed or exposed in some way.”


So apparently tomorrow a cute girl is going to tell me that she just “wants to be friends,”

I get terribly bullied,

I’ll feel guilty for no longer being a child and desperate that I’m not cool/rebellious enough to be a real teenager like the kinds I saw in movies growing up in the 80s,

I’ll sweat insecurities,

fear never acquiring a license and never dis-acquiring my (kissing) virginity,

I feel stupid in math class,

some of my close friends are getting too into drugs,

I get riddled with OCD …

am constantly turning down pot …

obsessing on spiritual questions and short story writing,

as my parents are getting divorced AGAIN.

And all in one day.

All tomorrow.

Just freaking great.

Had to share it. Too funny.

See, world? We weren’t the only ones to go through this stuff. It’s still happening. Well, as of a dozen or so years ago.

Bet that cute little girl is sorry now.


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