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Teacher and Students

Teacher and Students (Photo credit: slaup)

Lots of lessons are learned in life. Some are learned easily. Not for me, but I hear that it can be done that way.

Some are learned the hard way.

Seems I am blessed with a lot of life lessons that way. So here are a few I’ve learned, if you want to save yourself some time.

It includes several old lessons learned.

FOR DATING: If a man says “I’m no good for you” believe him.

He knows himself better than you do. Lots better. Chances are he has been told this by other women and is just letting you know.

It might mean he cares and doesn’t want you hurt. It might mean he doesn’t want to bother. Either way, believe him.

FOR TRAVELING: Always carry a small roll-on with you in case your luggage gets lost.

Recently as any constant readers here know, I flew to California and got Smiseked. In this case, my luggage was lost. And I had even said that very morning at the airport “In all my years of travel I’ve only had my luggage lost once.”

That years-old situation involved me, Canadian Customs, a tight connection and me tossing my suitcase at the people checking it in order to run for my flight. This was in the pre-9/11 days. No surprise it was lost.

A friend, on hearing of my plight shared this:

… my Mother learned — via experience, the best teacher — to pack most of her stuff in a suitcase, but bring toiletries, a nightgown and a change of clothes in a carry-on bag.

Would have been good for me to do I suppose. But no, I have to learn my lessons the hard way.

FOR JOB SITUATIONS: If you value keeping your job, keep your mouth shut.

This is the kind of lesson I learned, but still don’t use to change my actions. It’s a loyalty thing with me.

But when the second-level boss says “I don’t care, and you shouldn’t care either.” after you have just pointed out how the company is doing something exceedingly wrong, corrupt, illegal or immoral … well, let’s just say you will discover the many creative ways a company can use to eliminate you and your position.

In truth? I learned the lesson. But. I am glad I stuck up for the people, I’d do it again, and I don’t think I was wrong to have done it. Just know that you will probably lose your job.

English: Example:hair being straighten with a ...

English: Example:hair being straighten with a regular curly iron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FOR DATING SITES: Straight hair trumps curly hair.

This is really a shame. I have naturally curly hair. It’s easy. No effort. Shower and go.

But I had a dating site do an analysis of a few pictures of me. Two with curly hair, two with straight hair.

One of the curly-haired ones is the one I use on my Gravatar here. And the straight-haired ones were blurry on top of it all.

People chose one with the straight hair and a big smile. The one that was blurry.

Guess it’s time to get a bigger curling iron again for straightening my hair. And a bottle of something strong and alcoholic to give guys to make their vision blurry.

Speaking of showers, we now have the one I learned today. The hard way.

FOR TAKING SHOWERS: Never decide to take a shower upstairs right after you start the dishwasher downstairs.

Need I say more?

Turns out that if you start a dishwasher downstairs it eventually starts to drain all the hot water produced by the hot water tank in the basement.

It appears that this happens after you walk away from said dishwasher, after you walk up the steps, after you get ready for the shower and after you start the water.

Actually it appears that it is timed at exactly the moment you are standing in the shower with a head full of shampooey wet hair.

Additional note: Rinsing shampoo out of your hair with suddenly cold water is decidedly uncomfortable.

Just sayin’.