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1958485_429910127144829_1033480196_nI am always up for learning new things. But when i saw this word it threw me. I’d never heard of it before.

But when I read the definition: “Beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance” I realized “It’s me! It’s my blog!”

Well maybe without all the “Beautiful” part all the time.

In the short time that I have been writing these daily posts, many things have happened here.

First, I am far better as far as the heartbreak thing goes. There are a few funny stories about online dating that I have shared and many more that I have not shared.

I went for 20-some months without missing a day posting something and have only missed a few since then.

I had gone all of 2012 from when I started to year-end and got a nice little animation at year-end for it. I wanted to see what a full year of postings would get me.


However …

Many of you have become more than readers, you have become friends. Granted, friends at a distance, but still … I appreciate your messages both on the blog posts and privately. I have just the best readers!


Hits to the site continue to grow as do folks who have chosen to follow this madness here. Yes, I know there are several friends and relatives who follow this regularly who are not “official” followers. But know that I value all of you.

The “official” followers – between Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Email – number almost 500 kind folks. And one day I was listed in a best-new-type-blog-you-just-have-to-check-out list which exposed my humble offerings to a lot of you.

And the map of countries that have hit the site continues to grow. Finally got a hit from China that showed up on the WordPress map. There are still overlaps between the two counters on the site.

So with more than a little gratitude here are the flags on the lists of countries that have been kind enough to come to see what I have produced here. It is humbling and I thank each and every one of you.

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