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10014597_10152275803404255_1231950212_nHappy 4(1 -1/3 + 1/5 – 1/7 + 1/9 – 1/11 + … + [(-1)^(n-1)]/(2n-1) +…) Day everyone.

Get it? Pi Day? 3.14? March 14th?

And the title today? Pie? Ice Cream and Pie?

Yes, I know. Shameless.

But on me it looks good.

That first part … the numbers … was courtesy of one of my Math Professor friends. Yes I have more than one.

I’m pretty sure Pi has something to do with the circumference of a circle … and rolling it out. There was a cool GIF animation once.

But I digress.

1779092_10152030709096275_2107277951_nNext year will be even more outrageous.

The number Pi starts 3.141592653.

So next year on this date it will be the only true Pi Day.

3/14/15 Then the next few numbers translate into 9:26:53.

Now, not to be totally ethnocentric or anything, but the whole world does not do their dates Month/Day/Year. So I’m thinking that Pi Day will only happen in some countries.

1483145_727683230586024_1777958256_nBecause 3/14/15 doesn’t translate with Day/Month/Year. There is no 14th Month. And 31/4/15 doesn’t work either. Because April doesn’t have 31 Days.

Einstein would be proud. Today is his birthday.

An old friend who was known to be a Math Geek back in the day also celebrates his birthday today. I’ll include Einstein’s picture here.

The pie I refer to today is spelled Pi. As in “Life Of” as far as spelling goes.

1960093_738933306152051_1052369044_n 547009_621065717930041_1282398754_n

And it has nothing to do with any Pie Charts … real or imagined.

1959256_602379033163451_1000544568_nIt’s just your regular old Math thing.

Math Geeks will get this one.

Something about Rational and Irrational Numbers if I recall correctly.

I’m thinking that most of you today are reading my post and rolling your eyes.

“Funny, I never knew she was a Math Geek” you say.

Well, I guess it was all those cute boys with glasses and whatnot.

Or the numbers. I always liked the numbers.

Or maybe it was just that I really, really like Pie … and I misunderstood.


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