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I saw an image Facebook courtesy of the Elephant Journal.

It told me 33 ways to Stay Creative.

They are making that rash assumption that I am already creative in the first place and merely need to maintain said creativity, I think.

547345_10152238775009223_1267007261_nThe first item said to “make  lists”. How convenient, since this was on a list.

I guess they practice what they preach.

A few other items made me laugh as well.

#4 Get away from the computer. Right next to #3 Try Free Writing.

I guess the Free Writing happens in the #2 Notebook I am to carry everywhere.

Because right now all my free writing happens on the computer … that I’m supposed to be getting away from.

#5 Be Otherworldly. Does this mean I am to write Science Fiction? Or pretend to be a guru? I’m not sure. Maybe the answer is in that other world.

#7 Take breaks. I think that’s at the base of some of my productivity problems, though. Too many breaks. Maybe I’ll scratch that off the list.

#20 Watch Foreign Films. #21 Count Your Blessings. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Unless I need to count as one of my blessings the fact that they have subtitles.

#23 Take risks. #24 Break the rules. You notice how Break the Rules looks like someone Photoshopped it in there? I think they broke the rules and changed that one from the original. They took a risk.

#30 Got an idea? Write it down.

This is why I have 37 Drafts out here for future blog entries. I think I need a little more of Actually Write The Thing. But then this is a list of How to Be Creative … not a list of How to Finish Articles.


Now I see.

#33. Finish Something.



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