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A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cFollower / blog friend Sammy D. asked if I was doing this next month on my HHP blog.

I answered “What is an A to Z challenge?” then went out to Google it.

Turns out it is a writing challenge for April.

If I understand it correctly, you write something every day … except Sundays … with a different letter of the alphabet as your prompt each day.

So the first day would have something to do with the letter A, or a word starting with A, or some other A type thing. The second day would have something to do with the letter B, or a word starting with B, or some other B type thing … and so on.

And here I was planning to do NaPoWriMo again this April … in which you write poetry each day.

Last year I did poetry AND my regular daily post each day. Very challenging, but I did it. And was all writer-y by the end of it all.

This year I was leaning toward Haiku each day. Haiku is short.

But now there is this whole A to Z thing.

I guess I will.

A is for Ahhhh I don’t know yet what I’ll write each day.
B is for But I want to do this … and I get Sundays off.
C is for Can’t imagine what the “hook” is going to be for me.
D is for Don’t you think this will be a lot of work?

E is for Every day except Sunday? Well, I already blog most days.
F is for Forget it. That’s an awful lot of creative stuff.
G is for Guilty feelings wash over me … And It really would be nice to do.
H is for Holly has, after all, definitely done stranger things.

I is for I think I can, I think I can.
J is for Just when I think I can, I start rationalizing about it.
K is for Kite. Don’t forget, Holly. Some days it will be uncreative K is for Kite kinds of days.
L is for Last year I did both things. Why not add more to the mix?

M is for Maybe I won’t after all.
N is for No, I won’t
O is for Oh, of course you can.
P is for Post the blog entries in advance!

Q is for Queen of Good Intentions (and Woeful Follow-Thru). That’s what Sammy D called herself.
R is for Really that could apply to me as well.
S is for So what am I going to do?
T is for Try it, maybe?

U is for Unless I quit.
V is for Very likely, now that I think of it.
W is for We’ll see.
XYZ is for I wonder if I can make it all the way to the end?

Stay tuned … and if I do decide to A to Z it, the first entry will be on April the First.

April Fool’s Day.

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