1558559_647790648604198_2523957416369679669_nAh, the colors of life …

I especially like the void of the second basic theme. Gives me hope.

I am of course talking about the post that a friend put out there on Facebook today of the adult colors …which I have included for your enjoyment here … in case you’ve not seen the image or need an adult style laugh.

At first glance it looks like a typical set of crayons. Not exactly the eight-pack that is so popular among very young children. Certainly not the large-economy-sized 64-pack.

The image has an array of ten crayons … starting with “suspicious cold sore red” which I’ve been blessedly without in life and ending with “void of existential anguish black” which sent me to Google.

Not being an existential kind of gal, the void or lack thereof meant nothing to me.

I now know that it is the Second Basic Theme in the world of Existentialism.

If I’m not mistaken it is probably tattooed somewhere on my body.


If it’s not it should be. It has been my constant companion in life.

And in an odd way it has been the stunning observation of this which has given me the ability to see what is not worthy of anxiety in life.

Like most everything.

Pregnancy Test Purple?  Bulimia Green? Moral Ambiguity Grey?

Ahh, the possibilities in the 64-count package!