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Father’s Day 2013

In an effort to deal with it all.
To learn. To deny. To grieve. To accept.

But mostly to deal with it all.
And wonder if it will happen to me.

ring ring ring

“Hello? Super Daughter?”

“Hey Dad! Happy Fathers Day!”

“Well, thank you.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Well, its ten o’clock on Fathers Day. I went outside to get the paper for your Mother and I to read. I brought the phone along just in case.”


unlike many other things these days.


no, not really.

“And how is Mom doing?”

“Oh great! Really. Great! We went to the doctor on Thursday. And he suggested some Home Therapy.”

“That’s good. What are they going to do?”

“Well, it’s to get her strength up. Maybe three times a week. For a month, they said.”

insurance dictates recovery.

wondering if they can tell.

“And how is she doing otherwise? Mentally?”

“Oh great! No problems there. She is doing fine. Just some weakness.”

remembering what the counselor told me …

about denial.

about it all.

“Well good. I’m glad things are going well for you.”

“Yes, everything is fine here. It was just our imagination. That was all in our imagination.”

isn’t it all?

“Yep … it was all just our imagination. Everything is fine.”

“Well, Happy Fathers Day. I love you”

“Same here.”

sometimes imagination speaks truth.


Father’s Day 2014.

What a difference a year makes.


To all the Fathers out there … Happy Father’s Day.

To all the Mothers single and otherwise who functioned as Fathers, for all the Fathers who have lost children, to Father’s who raised children who started with someone else, to Fathers who for whatever reason were deprived of the opportunity to be with their children and for all the Fathers whose children choose to ignore them … an Especially Happy Father’s Day.

And to those Fathers who for whatever reason gave up visitation / custody of children to give them a better life … to you a Very Special Father’s Day.

Yours is a greater gift than people can possibly imagine.