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Facebook Thumbs UpOK.  Facebook.

Yesterday, someone reposted my repost of a funny quote on a friend’s friend’s page.

I don’t even remember which friend of a friend it came from. But it made me laugh. So I posted it. People laughed. People liked. One person put it on his Facebook page.

Oh, and I forgot to include the </sarcasm> notation which all of my friends apparently “got”.  Because my post on my page got a mere four Likes. And no insanity.

Here is the post as posted on my friends page:

QUOTE of the DAY: “You only live once, so don’t forget to spend 15 hours every day on the internet, desperately searching for the validation of strangers.” – Holly of (Wherever)

And 37 heated comments ensued.

Thirty seven.

On this.

Some positive. Most vehemently upset.

Even after I  commented that it was a *joke*.

Favorite comments?

“It’s not validation…it’s connection and humor!”
“I love FB. I require no validation … If it’s not for you… You know where the off switch is!”
“Well, Holly from (Wherever), you’re on the thinking page now, you’re playing in the bigs. Buckle up, baby! Helmet optional.”

Nothing like the validation of strangers, eh?

Didn’t even take 15 hours.

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