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My Dear Encouraging Friend,

This has been one of those days where I really started out in fear of it all but blundered through regardless. Yay me. lol.

FWIW, I started taking the Spherion Are You Worth It tests yesterday. And by starting I mean I tried the sample typing test (failed miserably) and did the grammar test (got a stellar 80%). Upon further reflection I wonder if my use of the Oxford Comma might have attributed to some of the mistakes.

But I digress.

Just took the Excel test (got 100%) the Typing Numbers test (got 100%) and the Three Minute Typing test (got 52 words per minute). Pretty much what I had hoped for and expected. Now I am going to cram again briefly for the Word test and take it.

I will say that my speed at typing using the 10 key pad was just shy of 6000 strokes per minute which if I recall correctly is about 2000 shy of what it needs to be to get a job as a keypunch operator … not that there are any of those anymore.

At any rate, back to the cramming. Just thought I’d drop a line with the latest.

Outre as always,


PS – Aced the Word test too.