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Lots of really interesting landmark dates and events … yesterday, today and tomorrow.

9bea442c1c61d7283b183fe5f28c08e079de8887_largeThere is a law that made a difference to everyone.

Actually, despite this post today, I think it was voted on today and signed into law tomorrow back in 1938.

Fair Labor and all of it.

“This Day in History: on this day in 1938, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA, abolishing child labor and establishing the 40-hour work week, a national minimum wage, and “time and a half” overtime pay. This final piece of New Deal legislation has been amended over 20 times both to raise the minimum wage and extend the law’s protections to historically oppressed groups. Learn more: http://to.pbs.org/1yJTyi2PBS”

There are birthdays that made a difference to many.

Turing at the time of his election to Fellowsh...Yesterday was the birthday of the father of Computer Science, Alan Turing.

Not to be confused with tomorrow being the birthday of the father of My Children.

The picture is of Alan Turing, not my ex-husband.

There are joyous births and tragic deaths that make a difference to some.

My friend Texas Linda had a granddaughter celebrate her tenth birthday today … a milestone in her life.

And she mourns the death of her twenty something niece … who fell unexpectedly a few weeks ago, became an instant quadriplegic and died of a cardiac incident this afternoon.

There was an anniversary that made a difference to two.

My friend Kathy and her husband celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary a few days ago. Amazing that they would be celebrating that … since we are all just 39 after all.

And there is an anniversary that makes a difference for one. Me.

Last but not least … the action that made a difference for me two years ago. And in an odd way might have made a difference from time to time in your life as well.

My Happy Holly Project blog started … two years ago … today.

Happy Anniversary to Us!!