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Turns out he lives in Oregon and drives a Jeep…Got a better caption for this photo?

Post it right here, and like your favorites. Something tells us this is going to be good. h/t to Steve Heard for this!

His Disciples, however, drove a Honda. “They worshiped him in one Accord” How they fit 12 in it I’ll never understand. Must be one of those loaves & fishes things.

The above was blatantly plagiarized by what I saw on Facebook the other morning.

I couldn’t resist.

It was, after all, Car Talk.

And my hobby is, after all, taking pictures of personalized license plates.

I really do have to start a series of license plate blog posts here. I have lots of categories in the collection. Humor. Occupations. Sports. Names.

And I have been taking them for almost two years. So, not counting the time I deleted them all and recovered only a portion of them, I still have hundreds of pictures in my collection.

But like many good hobbies and hobbyists, I have not organized them well recently so as to have them ready for posting here.

So without further ado … here is part of the collection of God / Jesus / Devil / etc license plates I have collected recently. No, if I recall correctly most of these have been collected on the internet … okay … maybe one or two live and in person.

OK. I just realized that I have thirteen plates in the collection displayed here. Probably not a good thing, huh?

So here is the fourteenth that lots of folks around here had and still have … from the Pennsylvania license plate a few years ago that started “You’ve Got A Friend In …”