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Yes I know it’s the middle of the night. Yes I know I should be sleeping. Yes I know I will pay for this when I get up at 0-dark-thirty to go work on the latest paying project in the world of “things I do other than writing”. But I had to share this.

This *so* encourages me … and not for the reason that you would think.

It’s the middle of the night and a FB post by Kristan Higgins sent me to this post (wasn’t that, although that’s in-cre-di-ble for her … seriously!).

I read this and laughed out loud … more than once. (nope not that either … although laughter is always good).

Oh, and I saw that she posts using WordPress and I can follow it. (good … very good … but not it.)

The reason I am so encouraged is that her writing is vaguely reminiscent of mine. A little wry, a little irony, a little “Can you believe this?” … and … she only has three “likes” out here.

A really really good writer? Who is published? Who went to a real writers conference? Who met one of my two writing heroes? Who *clearly* is going to be, and basically already is, a successful author?

With a mere three likes?

Suddenly the lack of likes on my posts seems like a badge of honor. I think I’ll climb in off the ledge! 🙂

Lisa Ricard Claro

RWA14 Amazon Kindle Party With fellow authors at RWA-2014, from left to right: Alison McMahan, me, Leslie Hachtel, Adorable Cowboy (not an author, but he’s so cute he doesn’t have to be), Terry Lynn Thomas, and Ronnie Allen.

Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite author? You know the situation I’m talking about, don’t you? Not the kind where they have to be pleasant because it’s expected (like at a conference), but the random serendipitous kind of meeting where you look into their eyes, catch them unawares, and for that splint second you think, “Hey, aren’t you . . . . ?” before you say something brilliant and witty so they’ll remember you forever.

That happened to me on Sunday, on my plane ride home from the RWA conference in San Antonio. The serendipitous meeting, that is. The “brilliant and witty,” well, not so much.

Everyone has a favorite…

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