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Yes. I know. Holly doesn’t swear out here. But maybe just this once.

This book. This amazing piece of American Prose. Such as it is.

coverFor those of you who have not seen it, I am talking about a book. “My Parents Open Carry” which was published by White Feather Press (January 13, 2011) It is getting a lot of play recently.

Supposedly it espouses the joys of Open Carry in this All-American Normal Family and their All-American Normal Family Life.


It sells for $9.95 on their website (plus shipping of course) and now is available for $3.95 in PDF form. Or on Amazon for $120.30. Plus $3.99 shipping.


The sarcasm meter is off the charts with me on this one. And I don’t see anyone else saying it might all be bogus.

For example? The “Special Offer” on their website.

For a limited time only,
White Feather Press is giving away a free copy of the fun book
“Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate!” by Doug Giles,
with every purchase of “My Parents Open Carry” in book form.
That’s a $15.99 value!

“Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate”? Seriously?

OKAY … Not for nothing but … here goes.

The main character is Richard Strong (get it? DICK STRONG). No possible sarcasm there.

And Moms name is Bea Strong (as in BE STRONG). Honestly. No hidden meanings in this one.

The daughter’s name is Brenna which is just funny because … Brenna. I have a good friend named Brenna. I’m pretty sure she didn’t write it, but it is the kind of thing she would do for a joke.

The Strong family. The Armed Strongs. One fine family.

my-parents-open-carryAll three faces are the same and all look like ten-year-olds. Including Dad.

You can tell he is the Dad because he has a mustache. And a hat. Just like Dad’s do.

No stereotypes being made fun of here or anything.BuEgkYVIIAA85N9

The book has a creepy pic of the three taking practice at a local shooting gallery.

So where is Dad’s arm? Or as the person who posted this picture on Twitter said “Check out Dad back there. Eww.”

And the verbiage on the official site talks about “coming out of the closet”. Something just doesn’t click here.

open-carry-coloring-book-638x250A description of the book on the My Parents Open Carry website reads:

“Come join 13-year-old Brenna Strong along with her mom, Bea, and her dad, Richard, …  bringing gun ownership out of the closet and into the mainstream.”

Out of the closet? Since when was gun ownership something that needed to come out of the closet? Isn’t that phrase usually reserved for something NUyqSelse?

Then there is the Sheridan Bookstore.

As in Sheridan Air Rifles maybe?

And I notice ALL the signs there say “Fiction”.

Almost like it was telling us this whole thing is bogus.

The book was written by Brian Jeffs (as in Warren Jeffs? WAR AND …) and Nathan Nephew (really? How about Nancy Niece?)

Has anyone actually *seen* these authors?

Just sayin’.

In an interview with Armed American Radio, the official radio program of The United States Concealed Carry Association, Jeffs and Nephews said that the book represents “an open carry adventure” in which the Strong family goes to the grocery store … and confronts people.

Confronts people.

Well that certainly sounds friendly enough, now doesn’t it?

Somehow I expect them to jump out from behind something and say “Surprise! We were just kidding. We wanted to show how ridiculous this whole Open Carry Mania is.”

The only thing more strange than this being a sarcastic send up of the over-the-top gun culture would be if … if it is serious.