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You know. Stick figures. 

Those nauseating adorable decals found in the back window of cars everywhere.

Depicting the family that belongs to the vehicle.

Mostly on large minivan and SUV type vehicles.

1503509_10151944773422234_1503613308_nKind of the latter-day, more explicit version of the old Baby On Board stickers.baby-on-board2

Okay, gotta admit … <<< that one made me laugh.

But I was thinking more along the lines of this one. >>>

With or without the baby buggy.


Stick Figure Decals.

And for some reason, next to my fascination with personalized license plates, this incredibly smarmy creative use of window space has caught my attention.

Many of them show the respective family members engaging in activities. Theoretically to brag share with the world what a wonderfully well-rounded family they are.

index800x600custom-stick-figures-car-4-lg_1_1mickeypeopledisplayOr maybe the family that plays together stays together? I don’t know.

Seems to me as if you have to try that hard to convince the world how happy you are … you probably aren’t.

But the bottom line?


Not really.

Which is why some of these other ones made me laugh out loud. These people seemed to poke fun at the juvenile saccharine-like quality of the whole concept.

There is the one I took of the car of the Cat Lady …stick-figure-family-stickers-9The ones where a split in the family has recently taken place. stickopen stickopen2

And my favorite … where the reason for the split is laid out for the world to see. (Just wondering if Candy added her own stick figure … or how long it took the rest of them to figure it out.)

stick-family-sticker-dad-girlfriendOr maybe …

1978720_640553789314567_1199912256_nThis one didn’t seem to need any additional family members added to the mix.  funny-family-decals-car-wives.img_assist_custom  While this one was suspiciously missing entirely.d2bec9fe9d7d480e8715dc467623c3f2You have to kind of admire the honesty of this family. Probably the most “real” one of them all.

stick-characters-for-carsSome of them really did border on crude … but I laughed anyway.

stick-figure-family-stickers-14There was this one …1604530_846377008725087_611977958_nAnd this zombie one (with other decals) which I took a picture of just oozes … class?

classI took this because of the personalized plate. But if you have to go to the other side of the window to finish the family, you probably should pass on the concept altogether. Just sayin’. DSCN0752Although this one I got seems to be quite proud of the size of their family. And have the van to prove it.DSCN0538 All kidding aside, there is a down side to these decals. Well, other than the obvious. When you have a decal … and sometimes bumper stickers … you just might be giving just a little too much information for a potential predator.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to go all PSA on you. But. It did catch my attention, too. They have a point.