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… and a whole batch of pictures for doing so.

There are several places out on the internet from which you can make your own memes. The one I use is the meme generator at imgflip. OR if I am feeling especially creative, I use one of my Photo Editing programs … like PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro.

But one of the things which makes for a great meme … other than the right words … is a good background picture.

Yes. I know. Sometimes the words are everything. And you might want to get a style going which uses the same background image / color / whatever.

But just in case you are looking for some really cool pictures for backgrounds, I thought I’d share some of them here. Many are taken from a Facebook page of pictures, but for the life of me I cannot remember which one(s). I did some Google Image Searches and there wasn’t a Facebook page in the batch.

So all thanks to whomever it was who took these. And it seems from the wide variety of places the pictures appeared that they are (hopefully) public domain type ones.

The ones I took are yours to use.

And now without further ado … the pictures.