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… or Why I Blog Out Here.

It’s the readers. It’s you folks. It’s why I do this.

Well, that and the insane amount of creative freedom this gives me. There is that too, I suppose.

I just thought I would take a post on this, the last day of August 2014 to recognize the best month so far for my humble but loveable Happy Holly Project blog here. Please forgive me if I brag just a tiny bit.

map1This month has generated more individual hits than any other month in my history.
This month has generated more individual viewers than any other month in my history.
This month has given me more followers than any other month in my history.
This month has had a single day that was within 18 people of being my highest number of hits per day in my history.

Also there were great comments, both public and private. Including one person who realized that she had lived in this house of mine back when she was a child.

Oh, and there were countries. Lots and lots of countries.

map2There are two “counters” that let me know what countries have hit the blog site. Here is the list from WordPress:

map3a map3b map3cmap3d map3e

And here are the countries according to the other counter on the site.

map4a map4b map4cmap4d

As you can see there is some overlap, and not all countries hit are colored in on the WordPress map. But all in all it’s a pretty amazing turnout for something that I wrote.

So for what it’s worth, thank you all for this great month. Really. It is part of what keeps me going sometimes. I am humbled.

And this upcoming month? Oh the great posts … I can just feel it in my bones. After all, we are going to have more amazing updates on the renovation of this old house of mine.

That’s always good for a laugh, no?