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I do NOT believe this !!!

A few of you … OK … maybe only one of you … have seen the state of disrepair of the outside of my house and property. Specifically, the yard. It has no grass, many trees, and weeds that came up to my waist or shoulders, depending on where you stood on the property.

Here are some pictures of the weeds still at the edge of the property to give you an idea of what this was looking like … everywhere … when I left in the morning.

It wasn’t pretty.


Since I’ve been more out of town than in, a while back I had asked the young boy across the street to cut it all down (and to be paid well to do it).

Many many weeks ago, he and his father both came over and weed-whacked the stuff waaaay over around my garage and shed … plus the stuff on the slope leading to the street.

In other words, the parts they could see from their house.

My part? The part I walk through every day going in and out? Nothing.

Until today.

I have had several very long days for a variety of reasons (read: work) and after a short morning of work, had to drive two hours to do some stuff with my Dad’s estate, my Brother’s birthday, see Mom, etc.yard2

Drove the two hours back. Pulled in my driveway … seeing a wheelbarrow on the street.


Then I noticed the slope had been cut again.


And as I pulledyard3 in the driveway, saw that the area waaaay out past the garage and shed had been cut again.

Very nice.

THEN I saw that the area leading to the house was cut.Ā 

Also, the two house-long lavender and holly beds had been totally weeded.

The 14 steps down to the street had been totally cleared. The side yard had been totally cut, the left-over roofing panels / lawn furniture / etc were neatly placed at the edge of the yard. The garbage was collected and put at the top of the steps. yard1

The whatever-it-was and ivy that was growing all down the side of the house — totally removed down to the dirt!

As I saw each area I kept saying OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

Two college kids walked by as I was seeing it more and more and saying (loudly) “OH. MY. GOD.”

They laughed.

Absolutely stunned. No neighbor in sight. Yard Fairies maybe?

Went in and got changed then heard the young man outside with his Mom (across the street)

I yelled out the window to them saying what a GREAT job he had done!!! And saying to let me know how many hours, etc. so I could pay him. His answer?

“Oh, it just took me three hours”

Ah, to be young.

And yes, I plan to pay him a whole lot more than three hours worth.

So. I have a Yard Fairy. He is six feet tall and going into his Senior Year in High School.

Some days are better than others.