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Holly picks up her messages …

“Hi, Holly? This is (name) from (name) Paranormal. We are interested in checking out your house for paranormal activity.”

Nah. Not here. Not me.yard2OK, so there were the several fires of unknown origin before I bought the property.

Oh, and the man who died in the room here that I sensed when I first walked through the burned out shell of the house.

OK and the ghostly apparition of a man and a dog that the former owner says she saw.

And I guess the lights turning themselves on downstairs are a bit odd.

Then there was this from a few days ago on another post of mine:

Dear Holly:

Okay this is going to be seem weird, but I actually grew up in the house you are renovating in your blog! We moved out in the early to mid 80’s.

My grandma lived in the house across the street from you and my pap built it. (the one where the garden is). My mom, sister, and younger brother all lived there for many years. The pictures of your renovation brought tears to my eyes as it brought back so many memories from growing up there ( we moved when I was about 8).

I often times wonder what it looks like inside because I drive by it frequently as I work at the campus. I’m glad to see that someone is giving it some much needed TLC. I remember the milk door on the front porch beside the door, and ALL those windows that I actually put my arms through broken glass once pretending that I was superman!

Boy do I have stories about things that have happened in that house! Ones we could explain and ones we couldn’t! Take care, good luck as you continue your journey!


For what it’s worth, I’ve been in contact with her. She’s right. They are good stories. Ones that can be explained … and ones that can’t be explained.

Maybe I will fill out that questionnaire that the woman is sending me.

And maybe contact Jennifer.