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yard2In the continuing saga of Do I Really Live In A Haunted House?

After writing the blog entry yesterday, I got the email from the Paranormal Investigators with a list of questions to be answered. And promptly forwarded it to Jennifer who had agreed to join in and add her experiences to the mix.

This made sense since she seemed to have more odd happenings in her time living here than I have.

At that point I went to sleep for the night.

Not for nothing, but … I woke up at 2AM to, um, inspect the facilities. And the lights downstairs were on (as they occasionally are … even though I turned them off before bed … see yesterday’s post).

Went to the laptop to report this odd occurrence to the ghost hunters. And my internet would not turn on.

As in there was a big red X down on the internet link icon, no connection, and nothing in the list of “wi-fi’s to hook into” … even though it said “connections are available”.

Then I heard a noise downstairs. And I turned off the laptop. After getting appropriate mace and emergency phones in order, I went back out and turned on the laptop again.

And all was well internet connection wise.

Strange, eh? Timing is everything, they say.

But now the rest of the story.

I woke this morning to an email from the gal who lived in this house before me. Actually if I’m adding correctly, they sold to someone and that someone sold to me a few years later after a few unexplained Hallowe’en fires.

(note: I bought the property in October 1989 and moved in here in October 1991. On Hallowe’en) Here is what she wrote:

Our family lived in the house from October 1978 until October 1985.

Before then, it was occupied by a man named (local man’s name). I was told that he died of natural causes on the property in August of 1978.

I remember first noticing the paranormal activity when I was 7-8 years old.

Window at the top of the stairs would open by itself. Lights turned on
and off.

Scratching was heard (like an animal) and scratches were evident on the
bedroom door. My parents had the bedroom door removed because of this.

There had been sightings of a dog in the window.

Once during a power outage, we were looking for matches to light
candles, but could not find them. A hairdryer upstairs turned on by
itself. When I went to the bedroom to check it, a lighter was beside it.

Most of the activity happened in the upstairs bedroom that faces the
back yard.

Shadow figures moved in the room, and I remember pretending to be asleep
and not move because I was scared.

On several occasions I was home alone and felt so uncomfortable that I
had to leave the house and go outside.

Several babysitters refused to come back to the house after witnessing
similar things.

There was a cold spot in the living room against the wall across from
the door.

My grandparents lived in the house across the street, and there was
significant activity in that house as well. 3 occupants died in that house.

My grandfather told me there was conflict between Indians and the
(local farming) family that lived near (local) Cemetery.

Many were killed in the area.

Far be it from me to say these things could not happen. After all, many things have happened since I lived here.

But I have some people in who are to replace all the windows in the house. Including the one that flew open for her and for me.

Just wondering if the ghosts will appreciate all that I’m doing to the house.

Sure hope so.