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10421116_796308300403968_5368200795967429703_n1In the next few weeks I will be undergoing both surgery and chemotherapy for cancer that has suddenly attacked my body.”

Okay, he had my attention. An old friend. From High School.

“I haven’t told many people, and probably won’t make any comments until after it’s all over.”

Fat chance that. This is my friend. My friend who, along with his wife and family, dresses up like a Pirate.

10681739_953006978058301_1336951902_nThey are not a close-mouthed lot, if you get my drift.

“I’m going to look funny without hair.”

Yes, well …

We talked. Over time. About life, memories, life, challenges, life … and cancer.10707933_954833304542335_1853857547_n

And now … several weeks later … a blog.

Introduced on Speak Like A Pirate Day. Of course.

Oh, and the cancer has spread to his leg.


So I am encouraging you all to go out to his new blog here. He will be posting once every week as he goes through this. Or at least that’s the plan. Weekly posts.

In the words of a Pirate Captain.

Captain’s Cancer Crisis

An adventure on the high seas of life,
battling cancer,
while living life to its fullest

CANCER! This be me BLOG as I battle the scurvy disease cancer..

WHY ye be askin?

Because says I, to share with me shipmates n brethren of all ilk’s, a pirates perspective … a unique way to look at this disease and the journey I be on to find Safe Harbor.

If I can bring a few smiles, and encouragement while sailing these stormy seas, it would be a true joy to this Old Capt’n to help others to find their safe place to anchor.

Please check out my blog at www.captainscancercrisis.com

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