Bubbles, eh? Well … Bubbles approves and is reposting this today for your reading pleasure. The Capt’n is continuing his fight … and those of us in the background salute him.

Captain's Cancer Crisis


Imagine trying to sail n fight a ship by yerself. Even the mighty Capt’n Jack needed young Will Turner to cut out a ship, and all they did was flee from the British. So as I write me log, I will take this time to remark upon certain members of me crew and, the vital positions they fill in our muster.

As we neared the end of the “Marooned Period” of this adventure, a crew began to form. In the early stages, it was vitally important that this be just a small group, so that we could bind together in confidence, training, and comradery. Each member had to fit seamlessly, with no room for scallywags or Bilge Rats.


THE LANDLUBBERS: With the support of DR’s Chapla, Castro, and Bryant, along with their support teams of Maria, Sue, and ARNP Luker, they…

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