And the journey continues …

Captain's Cancer Crisis


Friday afternoon found us sailing just off the Fudicial Coast. The weather was glorious, royal blue skies with fluffy white clouds providing us with following seas of three feet or less. A great day for an adventure!

We be on a mission of importance. Our goal was to spy out the coast, land in a sheltered bay, and then erect 4 beacons, that would provide guidance for navigation in the days and weeks ahead. Sounds normal says ye…. Not says I. Thar be something radically newfangled that we be doing on this mission.


At each beacon, we have to dig down and install a Gold Pellet. Each pallet will then become part of the beacon, to be used in tracking our course.

CAPT’NS LOG: Radiation Therapy has made some very high tech advances. One of these is the insertion of 4 Gold Fudicials into…

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