… unless of course you already have.

crwiz141104Despite the cartoon above … which did make me laugh … the truth of the matter is that if you do NOT vote, then you are allowing other people to control your life.

If you DO vote … if we ALL vote … then you will have, at the very least, spoken your intent.

Reality is that the demographics of this country are changing.
Reality is that if the 99% voted, it would not matter what the 1% thought.
Reality is that Votes count more than Money.

Reality is that phone polls are often wrong.

Especially if, as is often the case, they only call land lines. So for all of us who no longer have land lines … the young … the mobile … the (dare I say) liberals … we are not accurately reflected in the polls.

Even if you do not agree with me, you have the right to vote and have your voice heard.

And yes, I did just vote.

*Holly steps down off the soapbox*