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So. Ask me how my day went.

Well. In anticipation of a “big meeting” at work this morning, I got all duded up … OK … more like dressed appropriately. So that meant nicer slacks, etc.

And headed out to go to work.

DSCN2104Have I mentioned that it has snowed / rained / iced / whatevered here? A lot?

And that my idea of fun is decidedly NOT going out and shoveling … over and over again … as the plow plows yet another round of “stuff” in my driveway and in front of my steps?


I made my way down to the car … which was at the bottom of the dozen steps to the road. Steps not totally cleared … and now ice-covered snow-covered.

At the bottom … being glad that I didn’t have to shuffle through a foot of snow like on other days … I confidently stepped onto the top of the stuff between me and my car.

And my foot immediately plunged down … through the ice … down through the foot of snow / frozen slush / etc … to the bottom.

Nowhere to grab for support, I yanked my foot up.

And up came my foot.

Minus my boot. Minus my sock. In 2 degree cold.

Nothing to hold onto … and I can’t get my foot back into the boot.

Had to stand … on the ice … in one bare foot … while trying to yank out said boot which is stuck in the ice / snow / slush bank.

Got the boot out.

DSCN2103Was unable to put it back on though … while trying desperately to balance on my right foot on top of the lumpy ice-covered rest of it all.

Just then, the school bus came by … and I am walking to my car. Holding a boot in one hand … with one bare foot … on the ice.


So I got in the car … jimmied it out onto the street … cleaned it off … and went to work.

Good meeting by the way. Good day. And the morning went by quickly.

Flash forward to afterwards … after work … after picking up Texas Linda and running to the store for an AT&T card for my cell phone (no, I didn’t get the expected gas points … no, I was not happy about that)

So I came home here … and decided to take a run up the driveway in hopes of getting into the garage.

Silly me.

Made it thisclose from the entrance to the garage. Instead of leaving it there, I decided to back out and give it another run.

And. Got. Stuck.

Right at the bottom of the driveway. Halfway out into the street.

On a mound of icy snow … basically the same snow plowed mess I had stepped into further up the street first thing in the morning.

As I got out and was kicking away snow / ice to try again … my next door neighbors pulled up. They, in their early 60’s. He a professor at the campus. She a researcher of some sort.

Me: “Can you believe this? I wondered if your son still lived with you. I was thinking I should have contracted with your son to help me out this winter.”

He: “Yes. Yes he does still live with us”

*Holly sees hope*

He: “He is in Oregon.”

*Holly loses hope*

DSCN2105So. They offered to get out and push my car out into the street.

Suffice it to say there were several back and forths …

Until my car broke loose … and flew out into the street.

And they … both … fell ass over teacups … headfirst into the snow bank.

I assured them I had good insurance. They laughed.

They also recommended a man who had plowed THEM out yesterday. (They have a steep VERY long driveway)

“Jo-Jo” will be here within the hour.