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philIs that anything like Four More Years? No?


I was awake very early this morning, chatting with a friend on the phone. Long story. Long call. Thirty seconds after I hung up, the phone rang again.

“Quick! TV! Phil!”

Took a second. More like ten, actually.

Punxsutawney Phil.
The Groundhog.
The Prognosticating Proclaimer.
The Source of All Things Meteorological on February 2nd.

It was time.

I turned on the television … just in time to see the local TV station cut away to a commercial right as they were going to pull him out.

Gotta love the local coverage.

Did I mention that I live a short drive from Punxsy?

At any rate, the weather-beaten weasel warranted six more weeks of winter weather.

Insert boos and hisses here. Or applause if you are a winter fan, I suppose.

Phil'd With LoveAnd oddly enough, a funny thing happened. Out here. On this blog.

For the last day or three, there has been a smattering of hits on the old story I wrote about Groundhogs Day … or more specifically about the town.

In an homage to The Bridges of Madison County I had written The Groundhogs of Jefferson County. Great fun to write.

Not surprisingly, they have lots of groundhog “stuff” up there. Perhaps surprisingly, the Groundhogs are six feet tall … all thirty-two of them.

But the strangest thing happened. Right after the Six More Weeks of Winter prediction was pronounced.

I started getting hits like mad … on another old blog post out here … this one.

Kill The Groundhog ! Kill The Groundhog !

Guess there aren’t too many winter lovers out there today.