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I wanted to wax poetic about our current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.

Wonderful man. Truly wonderful. And tomorrow I want to tell you about him.

But Wait

English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at th...

English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First let me summarize the previous one.

One-Term-Tom Corbett.

Who allowed fracking without charging the fracking companies anything for the privilege (like every other state does) …

Who allowed fracking to be licensed IN STATE PARKS …

Who closed the one place in a remote PA town that was the sole large employer (a prison) …

Who closed the Philadelphia unemployment office (because lord knows there aren’t any unemployed people there) …

Who transferred that Philly unemployment work to Altoona (but not before he cut staff there and cut the hours of operation).

Who tried to sell off every money-making state-owned enterprise to his cronies.

Who compared gay marriage to incest … saying “gay marriage is like marriage between brother and sister

Who wanted to eliminate pensions that folks worked for their whole lives.

Who ran an ad in which “he” pulled up in his big gas-hog Hummer, beside Wolf’s old used Jeep (which reminded us that we drive “old used Jeeps” too … and pay outrageous gas prices thanks to the gas tax)

Who despite his pro-business rep, maintained the second-highest corporate net income tax in the country

Who supported firing Joe Paterno and the subsequent Freeh report (not real popular in this neck of the woods)

Who raised the taxes on gas and diesel fuel to the highest amounts in the country.

Who spent taxpayer money on his own luxuries like a drunken sailor (all due apologies to drunken sailors).

Oh, and who would not accept the freely given Medicare expansion money to insure the uninsured folks like me.

Who said that pregnant women and breast cancer patients using existing health care were moochers.

Oh. And the best?

THE DAY he got into office in 2011, he cut funding for post secondary education.

Read it this way: He cut the money that was going to make my teaching job full-time and permanent. AND cut the money that my adult students used to get a fresh start in life.

Just a gem.

So, I waited … four long years … and would have voted for my kitchen chair before I’d have voted for him.

In the primaries, which in PA are separated by party, there were five people vying for the position on the Democratic side.

All five polled ahead of Mr. Corbett in popularity.

I hoped other felt as I did about the man.For what it’s worth about a third of the die-hard Republicans in this area wrote Wolf’s name in on that side on the ballots.

Mr. Wolf is a very likeable man.

Turns out lots of others agreed in November.

At one point Governor Corbett was behind by 30 points in the polls. Usually they win by more than 23 points. Corbett lost by more than 10 points.

But I digress.

In losing to Democrat Tom Wolf, he became the first Pennsylvania governor in 40 years to fail to win re-election, and his party became the first party in 60 years to fail to win two consecutive gubernatorial terms.
– mccall.com

Yeah. Well. Tomorrow our new Governor.

And yes, I feel much better having written all this. Thanks for asking.

One Term Tom in defeat.